The Sex Pistols have been proclaimed the most influential band of the 1970s. Having made their debut in early-November 1975, the Pistols proceeded to anachronize all they surveyed, expectorating themselves into the public consciousness with antagonistic in-your-face lyrics set to skilfully-crafted tunes and single-handedly redefined rock ’n’ roll for future generations.

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Although already beginning to make waves, it was their coming together with a budding producer/engineer by the name of Dave Goodman in early April 1976 at the Nashville Rooms in West Kensington that would set them on their way.

Despite his being a happy-go-lucky inveterate hippie at heart, Goodman was savvy enough to recognize a wind of change was in the air and readily offered his services. Over the coming months, Goodman not only bore witness to the birth of punk, he undeniably helped shape its sound.

In essence, Dave Goodman’s demo recordings capture the Pistols in their incandescent creative ascendancy and at their rough ’n’ ready best.

Interview Snippet:

The Sex Pistols’ ill-fated January ’78 U.S. tour was set to climax at the cavernous, 5,400-capacity sold out Winterland Ballroom by far the biggest venue the Pistols had played to date.

By the time the Pistols arrived in San Francisco, they’d fragmented into two camps.

The Pistols had largely avoided the media during the tour, but these radio interviews convey the fraught tensions between the band.

And the rest, as they say, is history…


Record One Side 1. – Pink Vinyl
1) Submission (4.32)
2) Did You No wrong (3.23)
3) What You Gonna Do About It? (4.25).
4) New York (3.54)
5) Anarchy In The UK (4.07)

Record One Side 2.
1) Liar (3.25)
2) Don’t Give Me No Lip Child (3.24)
3) No Feelings (2.53)
4) I Wanna be Me (3.12)
5) I’m A Lazy Sod (2.10)

Record Two Side 1. – Yellow Vinyl
1) Anarchy In The UK (Goodman’s Disco Mix). (3.50)
2) Pretty Vacant (3.01)
3) Substitute (3.10)
4) God Save The Queen (3.42)
5) Submission (4.17)
6) Bill Grundy Interview (1.35)

Record Two Side 2.
1) The Last Interview At The Last Show – San Francisco Winterland 14th January 1978 (23.40)