Having established their credentials riding the vanguard of punk, The Clash would go onto become trailblazers of a form of impassioned, politically-charged rock that transcended all musical boundaries. They were dubbed “The Only Band That Matters”, and there were times during their storied career when such an outlandish appellation was truly deserving.

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None more so than during the first half of 1980 when they hit the road on the 16 Tons Tour in support of the superlative London Calling.

It’s said The Clash didn’t “crack” the US until 1982 and the release of Combat Rock, but their seemingly effortless ability to meld a myriad of styles into their play on London Calling – be it rockabilly, reggae, ska, New Orleans R&B, pop, lounge jazz while still retaining a “Spirit of ’76” punk essence – had already singled them out as something special amongst the more discerning of America’s music-loving public.

With a set-list brimming with rock ’n’ rollicking crowd-pleasers: “Clash City Rockers”, “Safe European Home”, “(White Man) in Hammersmith Palais”, “Janie Jones”, “Complete Control” and “I Fought The Law”, the Passaic Theatre show catches The Clash at the zenith of their creative genius while providing a telling snapshot of a band destined for greatness.


Record 1 Side A:
1. Clash City Rockers
2. Brand New Cadillac
3. Safe European Home
4. Jimmy Jazz
5. London Calling

Record 1 Side B:
6. The Guns of Brixton
7. Train in Vain
8. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
9. Koka Kola/ I Fought the Law MEDLEY
10. Spanish Bombs

Record 2 Side C:
1. Police and Thieves
2. Stay Free
3. Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad
4. Wrong Em’ boyo
5. Janie Jones

Record 2 Side D:
6. Complete Control
7. Armigedeon Time
8. English Civil War
9. Garageland
10. Bankrobber
11. Tommy Gun